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Our fully qualified podiatrists can assess and treat all concerns from sporting injuries, plantar fasciitis, ingrown nails, orthotic requirements, children’s feet or bunions. Contact us to find out how we can help you.



Don’t put up with pain and discomfort. Our caring professional podiatrists can help any member of your family from the smallest to the more mature with a wide range of quality foot and ankle treatments.


Why Choose Us?

We’re not just a podiatry clinic, we can assist with any concern of the foot and ankle. We’ll get you back to enjoying your life the way you should do, like playing sport, shopping or even just playing with the kids.

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Expert Podiatry Services

Our caring, experienced and professional podiatrists will ensure your road to recovery is swift and pain free.

Call us on 03 8468 2411 or click the Contact Us button to book an appointment today.

Children’s Podiatry

Does your child have flat feet? Complain of heel pain, or general foot pain? Have Pigeon toes? Stumble or trip more than peers?


Do you have Flat Feet? Heel Pain? Aching/Tired Feet? Bunions? Trouble selecting shoes? High Arches? Foot & ankle pain playing sport?


Do you have diabetes? Do you understand the importance of seeing a podiatrist?

Foot Surgery

Do you need a painful ingrown nail surgically removed? Do you suffer with plantar warts?

Skin & Nail Care

Do you have Cracked Heels? Difficulty cutting nails? Calluses or Corns? Sore feet?

Sports Podiatry

Have you recently started training?
Do you need help choosing runners? Do you have Shin splints? Heel Pain? Foot or Ankle pain during sport?