Diabetes is a very common disease across Australia and the world. Diabetes can have detrimental affects on your lower limb and foot and as podiatrists we are often the first to detect these issues and report back to your Doctor and health care team.

High blood sugar levels can affect many systems within your body that will often first show in your feet. This is why it is so important to have ongoing podiatry care and thorough assessments to be able to detect these issues as early as possible.

As part of our high level professional care we provide the following assessments regularly to ensure your foot health is at is very best:

  • Blood Supply: These vascular assessments show us how much blood is getting down to your feet.
  • Nerve Supply & Function: These nerve tests help our team and your Doctor know how well your nerves are working and whether changes are occurring that could be a result of your blood sugar levels.
  • Walking and Gait Analysis (<Link to other page): Watching the way you walk can help us identify any high pressure areas that may cause issues in the long term.
  • Footwear Assessments: Specific qualities in footwear are recommended for patients with Diabetes. Our Podiatry team will check your footwear for support and suitability, which will also help reduce issues arising over the long term.
  • Skin & Nail Conditions: As for many of our patients we assist in skin and nail care. For patients with Diabetes this is important to help avoid complications and injuries when blood and nerve supply can be compromised.
  • Wound Assessment and management: Our Podiatry team is fully qualified to assess, treat and manage wounds that may arise due to complications with Diabetes.

Our team prides ourselves on keeping up to date with changes in Diabetic Assessments and we look forward to helping you take care of your feet and avoid diabetic related foot issues.

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