Is your child complaining of sore heels?

They might have calcaneal apophysitis.   Previously named Sever’s disease, calcaneal apophysitis relates to the inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. The growth plate is made up of cartilage positioned near the ends of the bones. This condition commonly affects children aged between 8-15 years old. This is because as a child is […]

You’ve broken your toe, what now? 

“There is nothing you can do for a broken toe” – this is a common myth and is far from the truth.    Breaking your toe can be incredibly painful and often hard to complete your daily activities. Other than trying to push through the pain there are a few things you can try to […]

How to finally put blisters behind you

Here is your simple guide to blister prevention   A blister is a fluid filled lesion that develops on the top layer of the skin. The clear watery fluid inside a blister is called serum and if the blister remains closed the serum can provide natural protection to the skin beneath. A blister will commonly […]

Fungal infection of the nail, also known as…. onychomycosis

These types of infections compromise over 50% of all nail diseases!   Onychomycosis occurs from an overgrowth of fungus beneath the toenail or fingernail. Fungi love warm, moist environments which is why this infection affects toenail more often. Having our feet confined into shoes and socks is a common way to contract onychomycosis, as well […]

A simple guide to plantar plate injuries

Pain in the ball of your foot? Large gap between toes or toes sitting higher than the rest? You might have a plantar plate injury.   What is the plantar plate? The plantar plate is a ligament that sits beneath the metatarsophalangeal joints (along the ball of your foot). The plantar plate stabilises the joint […]

Is it Callus or a Corn?

Callus and corns are often very similar, keep reading to find out the difference.    First up, callus Callus is the overproduction of our outermost skin cells causing thicker skin. Its technical term is called hyperkeratosis. This can be in the response to mechanical stresses placed on the skin and our body’s way of protecting […]

The benefits of shockwave

Ever heard of shockwave therapy? Not sure what it involves? We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions below.   So, what is shockwave therapy? Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (or shockwave for short) is a beneficial treatment option for individuals suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal issues. The shockwaves are high pulses of mechanical energy, it uses […]

What is Morton’s Neuroma? A 60 second summary

Do you experience foot numbness and pain in the ball of your foot? If this is you, read on.   One condition that can cause pain and numbness to your forefoot is a neuroma. A neuroma is a benign growth of a nerve, which thickens the tissue around the nerve which supplies the area to […]

A simple guide to dermatological foot complications

Are you experiencing itchy, red feet? Are you not sure why or what treatment is available? Keep reading to find out.    There are multiple dermatological conditions that can occur to our feet. Below we have listed some of our most commonly encountered dermatological conditions and what to look out for.   Psoriasis This is […]

Ready your feet for winter!

The Australian winter is here! Take the right precautions to ensure your feet are happy and healthy!    Here are some tips for looking after your feet this winter so you can head into warmer months with a spring in your step.   Foot hygiene It is important to continue keeping your feet clean in […]