Gait Analysis

At the Whittlesea Foot & Ankle Clinic our fully qualified podiatry team are trained to perform specialised gait assessments.

What is a gait assessment or analysis you ask?

The short answer is our team watches the way you walk. We do this using our professional specialised training along with a special video program that allows us to slow down and speed up how you function to be able to get down to the very specific issues that are causing your pain, injuries and discomfort.

We can use this same program along with our professional training to assess the way you walk compared with how you run to assist further if your injuries or pain are stimulated by running or sports.

As Foot & Ankle Specialists, Gait analysis is a very important part of what we do along with our full weight bearing and non-weight bearing range of motion & muscle testing. This helps get our patients back out doing what they love comfortably whether that is playing football or netball, completing a fun run or just playing with their grandchildren. At the Whittlesea Foot & Ankle Clinic we are here to help you and your family be happy, healthy and comfortable.