Sports Podiatry

Have you ever felt foot or ankle pain after physical activity? Sports podiatry utilises modern techniques and technology to provide effective treatment and prevention measures.

Whether you’re playing sport or keeping fit, it’s important to keep your feet in good condition. Running, jumping and weaving during physical activity increases the strain and impact felt by the foot and ankles. It’s no surprise that foot and ankle problems are one of the most common forms of injury for physically active people.

We have treated hundreds of patients who have suffered foot and ankle injuries from sport. As a result, our podiatrists have extensive experience and focus on the latest sports podiatry trends. We are often able to promptly diagnose your injury and provide the highest quality treatment.

If you’re suffering from foot pain please contact us and we will create a specialised plan for you to get back to normal. Sports podiatry has come a long way over the past decade and the use of modern technology such as Shockwave means your recovery can be fast tracked.