Shockwave Therapy

Here at the Whittlesea Foot & Ankle Clinic we use Shockwave Therapy to assist in the treatment of plantar fasciits and Achilles tendonitis.

As Podiatrists we see the greatest research suggest that shockwave therapy is associated with successful outcomes in both of these two areas.

Shockwave is an acoustic vibration that is applied to the site of most pain. This wave form causes the release of a chemical in the body called substance P. This chemical release allows oxygenated blood to follow to the area and assist in tissue regeneration and revascularisation to stimulate healing.

The repetitiveness of the acoustic waveform also has an initial analgesic effect after treatment. Treatment results are dependent on each patient achieving a specific therapeutic pressure. Whilst this may be an uncomfortable treatment, your fully qualified Podiatrist will work with you to achieve a pressure level that is tolerable in your initial appointment and gradually coach you up to the therapeutic level.

Treatment ranges over a 2-3 week period where 3-5 treatments are generally undergone depending on how well you’ve adapted to achieving the therapeutic pressure level. You will be monitored closely during this time and adjunctive therapies such as stretching and strengthening exercises, footwear adjustments and foot posture modifications may contribute towards your overall reduction in pain to get you back to the activities you love most.