Children’s Podiatry

As Foot & Ankle specialists our podiatry team at the Whittlesea Foot & Ankle Clinic also help assess and manage all children’s feet concerns.

We are trained to be able to assess, manage and treat all issues that arise with children from the smallest to the cheekiest.

Our team are very capable at not only treating and assessing your children’s (and your) foot concerns but also making sure your child feels comfortable and safe before we begin any of our assessment. Our team of podiatrists often see children withdraw from sport and activity due to foot and leg pain, once we are able to assess them we are then able to help get to the cause of the problem and assist in getting them back to sport and activity safely and comfortably.

We are very thorough in our assessment and conservative in our care.

We help educate you and your family regarding what is a normal milestone or appearance of children’s feet and legs at certain ages, which can often put stress and concern at ease.

Children’s foot issues we care for include: