How to overcome tinea to live your best life

Have you been a victim of Tinea before?


Tinea, also known as Athlete’s Foot is a fungal skin infection that commonly occurs within warm, wet environments. Frequently starting between the toes, this infection can easily spread if it is not treated. Most commonly, this skin infection affects individuals who have sweaty feet whilst wearing tight-fitting footwear. 


Signs and symptoms to look out for can include – itchy, red scaly rash, cracking or splitting between the toes. This condition is contagious and can often spread via towels, clothing, shoes or floors. 


How can we treat tinea?

  • Home remedies: apple cider vinegar or vinegar soaks for the feet.
  • Sock and shoe education
  • At the Whittlesea Foot and Ankle Clinic we sell SolvEasy tinea cream, this effective formulation contains terbinafine hydrochloride 1% which binds to the skin and helps relieve itchiness whilst clearing the infection. 
  • Your Podiatrist may consider referring you to your local doctor for oral antifungal tablets depending on the severity of the infection.


Tips and Tricks to avoid tinea:

  • Footwear and clothing:
    • Alternate your footwear frequently to allow your shoes to “air out” instead of wearing sweaty and wet shoes each day.
    • Change your socks regularly especially if they are wet or sweaty.
    • Clean your shoes. 
    • Wear natural fibre socks. 100% cotton socks are breathable, warm and comfortable. 
  • Canestan laundry rinse, available at all major supermarkets, eliminates bacteria and fungi that might remain on your clothes or socks. 
  • Drying in-between your toes after each shower is important to ensure no water sits in-between which could begin to deteriorate the skin, making it easier for infection to arise. 
  • Avoid barefoot walking, especially whilst in communal showers/toilets. Try and wear thongs around these areas to avoid contamination. 


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