Onyfix – Is this your fix to an ingrown toenail?

Do you need your ingrown toenail fixed?

Are you worried about having to undergo surgical excision?

This correction system could be for you.

What is Onyfix?

The Onyfix approach is a product that enables a painless treatment for involuted and ingrown toenails and transforms them into a natural shape to grow with no issues. Onyfix also gives those who may not be suitable for nail surgery such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes or reduced arterial supply the ability to fix their ingrown toenail.

The Process

  • Your Podiatrist prepares the nails prior to application
  • The Onyfix composite is spread on the nail and shaped correctly
  • Once hardened, the system is fixed to the nail and ensures this shape is retained as the nail grows naturally in the correct position over several months.


If you have private health insurance, Onyfix might be covered depending on your level of cover. We can claim through HICAPS at the time of your treatment at the clinic, but you may wish to check your coverage with your private health fund beforehand.

If this sounds like a system you’d want your nail to be involved in, don’t hesitate to give us call on 8468 2411 or book in for a consult here to see if you are a candidate.