Ready your feet for winter!

The Australian winter is here!

Take the right precautions to ensure your feet are happy and healthy! 


Here are some tips for looking after your feet this winter so you can head into warmer months with a spring in your step.


Foot hygiene

It is important to continue keeping your feet clean in the winter to prevent any potential fungi or infections from wearing shoes for longer periods of time. Make sure you change your socks every day and wash your feet with a low pH or non soap cleanser to keep your feet fresh. Before applying socks and shoes make sure your feet are well dried to prevent any extra moisture building up. 



During the winter there is less moisture in the air which means your feet may need more moisture to prevent them drying out. When the skin dries out we are more prone to developing callus and painful fissures. It is important to ensure we use a good moisturiser daily to prevent any complications from arising. 


Keeping feet warm and dry 

Coming into the winter months it is important to keep our feet warm. Wool or other breathable natural fibre socks are a great product that help to keep our feet warm but absorb moisture preventing the feet from getting damp. 


Wear comfortable footwear 

Wear shoes that are correctly fitting, ensuring that that are not too tight especially if wearing thicker socks in winter. When wearing shoes that are too tight we are at risk of reducing blood flow and developing blisters or callus. 

You should have about the width of a thumb from where your toe finishes in the shoe for adequate length.  Features to look for are a strong heel counter, strong last that is not too flexible and a fixation e.g. laces or buckle. 

It can be a good idea to have two pairs of shoes to rotate to alternate between days to allow for the shoes to dry out thoroughly and prevent build up of sweat, fungi and bacteria 


If you have any concerns it is important to discuss these with your podiatrist for specific recommendations. If you want more information from feel free to give us a call on 8468 2411 or book online here